Pro Tools 10 and 11 (PC and Mac)
Sound Forge (PC)
Wwise by Audio Kinetic (supported platforms…)
Waves “Platinum”
Over 100 Pro Tools plug in’s and VI’s
Roland GK-20 Guitar synthesizer module
Sound Ideas “The General 6000” library
Adobe Premiere
Meta digger
Office 2013

Vintage Analog Audio Hardware:

API 500B, API 512b (x2), API 550A (x2), SSL G comp, Manley “Elop” Electro-optical limiter, Manley Ltd edition “Stereo Pultec EQ”, Universal audio 1176 LN limiting amplifier, Anthony DeMaria Labs “ADL 1000” compressor, DBX 160A compressor/limiter, ART Pro Channel (x2), TC Electronic 2290 Digital delay, Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay, Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay, Yamaha SPX 90 Digital multi effector, Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor, Lexicon PCM 90 Digital Reverberator (purchased from Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 studios) 5150 Custom Monitor switching router (also purchased from 5150 studios).


Peluso P-12 Tube mic, Groove Tubes AM11 Capacitor mic, Peluso R-14 Ribbon mic’s (x2) Audio Technica AT-4033 (x2) AKG D112, Shure SM 57(x4), Shure SM58 (x4), AKG 451EB (x2) Apex 430 (x4) Apex 180 (x2) Audio Technica ATM 63, Beyer Dynamic M201 N (C)


Gibson Gold Top Les Paul, Fender “Custom Shop” Telecaster, Fender American Standard Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster’s (x3), Ibanez RGDT 42DXFM, Taylor GA 12 Acoustic Guitar, Gibson Mandolin, Norman “Hi-String” Guitar, Fender Precision Bass, Vantage Bass Guitar, Hofner Contemporary “Club” edition Guitar, Custom made “Carparelli “Midi” Guitar, Carparelli S3 Electric Guitar, La Patrie “Presentation” Classical Guitar, Roland XP-10 Synthesizer, Yamaha CP-30 Electric Piano, Mason and Risch Upright Acoustic Piano, Yamaha Stage Custom 7 piece Drum kit, Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp + Simul 295 Stereo Power Amp, Custom-Made Stereo Speaker Cabinets with EV12L Speakers, Rare and vintage Mesa Boogie Mark 2A Combo Amp, Marshall Valvestate 8080 Combo Amp, Trace Elliott 712 SMC Bass Amplifier.

Studio Monitors:

Tannoy Reveal Active w/ TS-10 Sub
Avantone “Auratones”
KRK Rockit 5′s
Bryston 2B power amplifier