Professional Sound Design for Games

Sound is the most overlooked aspect of design in the casino gaming industry. Without sound, your great looking game may end up in a stale corner of the casino gathering dust. We here at InGameSound have just what you need to maximize your ROI and boost your take on the casino floor with the most advanced and groundbreaking sound design in the industry.

With over 5000 years experience we have perfected the art of addiction through audio effects. People are drawn to our games, and once they insert their bills or tickets will simply not leave until they have lost not only their credits, but their home, loved ones, and their ability to retain adequate bowel function.

Our philosophy is simple – Retain your players!…. With enchanting, mesmerizing music, the client is encouraged through our aural power-of-suggestion embedded in our audio tracks for the client to give everything and anything to continue playing.

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